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      My name is Richard K McKinney and I am 72 years of age. I started drawing at a very early age somewhere at 10 or 11 sitting at the kitchen table. I would draw images from comic books using colored pencils. I was getting good at copying other artist work by the time I was 13 or 14 but a strange creature started showing up near my house that distracted me away from art. "Girls, Girls, Girls".

     As I grew older and into college studding electrical engineering I found time to draw a bit to relax from all the studies. I got married, started work, spent most of my time taking care of my wife and daughter. No time for art for the next few years. My daughter started school and my wife decided go back to college so I had time on my hands and took up oil painting. Didn't last long life got in the way again. I found myself being single again and out making new friends. After retiring I found to have a lot of time in my life now being single once again so wanted to restart my art again but by this time the oil paint fumes was not good for my lungs. I tried acrylics and that was not to my liking so I ended up painting with watercolors. 

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